Our values activating business through sustainability

Our values

Activating Business through Sustainability

At Cikis we imagine a world in which sustainability is the best path to create profit. We aim to be the catalysts of this change, a bridge between the technical skills of sustainability and the creativity of fashion companies – to demonstrate that sustainability is not a sacrifice, but an opportunity. For us, this is the essence of sustainability, which is nothing more than doing a good business.

For us at Cikis, sustainability is the path that leads to the creation of profit. It leads to the practical, intellectual and moral benefit of those who participate in the development of a company that will withstand time and future generations.

Serena Moro, Head of Sustainability, Cikis

The projects that involve us are all developed on the basis of five values, fundamental for us and always at the center of our work.



We know that time is one of the most important values ​​for a company. Through our consultancy, we provide practical and immediately feasible solutions – thanks to an analysis that reflects the complexity of the textile and fashion sector. The Cikis Sustainability Assessment is sector-specific to develop an immediately actionable strategy. That is because sustainability is, above all, a concrete commitment.


Our goal is to be close to companies, guiding them on the path towards sustainability not “at all costs” but at the right price, reaching the best possible balance. That means that we carefully consider the propriety’s needs and those of all the stakeholders involved: listening, empathizing, and opening up to discussion. That is because sustainability must not be a limitation to performance.


Choosing the best sustainable alternatives available under company needs and priorities is not easy. The integration of these sustainable practices into production processes, the supply chain, governance, and company operations require specialized skills. That is why we commit to being constantly trained and informed on the latest innovations, always offering cutting-edge solutions. That is because sustainability is continuous innovation.


Becoming sustainable requires the strength to change, to improve, and to question oneself. Inevitably, it poses challenges. In Cikis we firmly believe that these are not obstacles, but opportunities: market opportunities, to set a good example, and to chart a better future. That is because sustainability is a business lever capable of creating value for present and future generations.


We see sustainability as a path to take together, during which we want to be reliable guides. For us, this means we are committed to offering solutions that stem from established theses. We are transparent in providing answers to questions, and this is the spirit that inspires relationships within our team and with our partners. That is because sustainability implies trust and collaboration.


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